consulting done right

Our approach to consulting is simple – just do it right. Here’s how:

Human centric approach

We believe in putting people before processes and structures. By prioritizing tasks and individuals, we strengthen our working relationships and boost the success of our projects. Our consultants are offered personalized development plans, and we make sure to involve and engage the client’s organization to create lasting value.


We believe that leadership is a collective effort, where every individual contributes to the success of the whole. We avoid long decision chains and hierarchies. Knowledgeable, independent, and confident consultants, trusting their colleagues, are the foundation for making quick and correct decisions.

Specialization ​

In a complex and fast changing world, clients need experts who excel in specific fields, and specialists thrive in niche consultancies. Through our commitment to specialization, we are equipped to make quick adaptations and meet the challenges of a dynamic business environment.

Value alignment

We build lasting relationships by sharing goals and core values with each other and with our clients. Our commitment to understanding and aligning values ensures a strong foundation for collaboration and mutual success.

We believe in putting people before processes and structures.

Skin in the game

The alliance companies are all co-owned by their managing executives. Consultants within the companies also have the opportunity to become shareholders in their respective company. Being part of the game fosters an agile operation where co-owners have a direct connection to the company’s profits.

Collective Intelligence

1+1=3. Collective Intelligence is a research-based method developed by PhD Philip Runsten at the Stockholm School of Economics, with the purpose of facilitating the sharing and integration of knowledge within teams. By cultivating collective intelligence, we bring diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives together. Effective knowledge integration helps consultants and clients make the right decisions and promotes innovation.

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Being Confident Simplifiers

Navigating complexity requires skillful simplification. Our commitment is to transform complex challenges into actionable insights, empowering organizations to navigate with confidence and foresight.

Newground Business Partner – the alliance hub

We want our alliance companies to focus on their core business, delivering value to our clients. Newground Business Partner handle the daily operational tasks to free time for the management group and consultants to fully engage in sales and delivery. Companies within the alliance receives proactive and attentive support, and Newground Business Partner offers a complete one-stop shop where all internal needs can be easily and cost-effectively managed.

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