the creation of synergies

Everyone wins.

Cherry-picking for highest value

Everyone doing everything for everyone is not for us. Today’s rapid changes and complex challenges requires deep knowledge – which requires specialists who collaborate intelligently. Our recipe is built on this equation with the purpose of delivering the highest value for clients, creating effective businesses and generating thriving consultants.

We believe in…

The alliance companies are led by consultants with entrepreneurial hearts, or entrepreneurs who love consulting. Each company operates independently and has its own corporate culture. But we all share the beliefs we see as a foundation for building great consulting companies.

Processes and structures that don’t bring value to clients are processes and structures we dismiss. We dedicate our expertise to projects – ensuring that time is focused on client needs rather than internal bureaucracy and administration. The more time consultants spend on clients, the more skilled they become, generating value for all parties. Opting for several smaller niche companies instead of a few larger ones is another way to release valuable time by streamlining management resources.

We believe in the inherent willingness of people to do their best, accomplish their missions, and support their team. With us, each individual is at the core. Focusing on the individual is not about compromising performance – quite the opposite. It’s about creating the right conditions for each person to maximize their performance throughout their consulting career.

We want to eliminate organizational hierarchies that interrupts momentum. This empowers us to make fast responses to market dynamics and client feedback. To stay ahead in today’s fast-paced business environment our skilled consultants have the freedom to act autonomous and make decisions on the spot.

The alliance companies are all co-owned by their managing executives. Being part of the game fosters an entrepreneurial spirit within the alliance.

Values and assets for our alliance companies:

Client collaboration

Valuable synergies between the alliance companies are created in the client dimension. Larger projects always involve representation from multiple companies, creating broad expertise that contributes to increased customer value.


We offer resources to aid the alliance companies in recruiting and developing the best consultants for our clients. Our collaborative graduate program, Bloom, ensures the growth of future talents.

Training and development

Our training initiative, Newground Academy, focuses on an evolving process of collaboration between the alliance companies, building capabilities and sharing knowledge.

Operational systems

Time- and cost-saving efficiencies are created around finance, marketing, administration, and IT. Through Newground Business Partner, we deliver ”World Class Business Support” to all alliance companies.

Expert pool

With 250 consultants specialized in different expertise areas, there’s always someone ready to exchange ideas.

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