driving consulting excellence

Our initiatives play a crucial role in the daily lives of our consultants, continuously providing support for learning and development.


Newground Alliance’s graduate program Bloom is tailored for the learning and development of tomorrow’s intelligent management consultants. During a two-year program young consultants will develop skills by working on real projects alongside experienced consultants from different companies within Newground Alliance. The program is a valuable long term-approach for securing talent and advancing growth in the alliance.

Newground Academy

To secure knowledge, capabilities and long-term relevance, continuous learning and development is crucial. The goal of Newground Academy is to help individuals and companies in reaching their full potential by improving performance and effectiveness. This is achieved through an evolving process of collaboration between the alliance companies, with a focus on building capabilities and sharing knowledge. All activities are available, individualized and form a prioritized area in every consultant’s daily routine. 

Curious about being an ally?

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