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We are
Newground Alliance.

This is Newground Alliance.
An ambition to shape the leading alliance of independent niche consultancies.

The idea of Newground is a visionary place that can act as a soil or accelerator for ideas, a place that is continuously growing and transforming. Newground – where businesses and ideas grow.

We believe in:


Clients want specialists, and specialist thrive in niched consultancies.

Value Alignment

Sharing goals and core values with our clients.

Collective Intelligence

Creating high performing teams and organizations.

Being people centric

Putting tasks and people before processes and structures.

A peer-to-peer leadership culture

For the Alliance and for all coworkers.

Being Confident Simplifiers

Skillfully provide simplification in a complex world.

These beliefs will ensure we keep delivering consulting the way it should be. Consulting done right.

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More about Newground

We know that clients are frustrated by the old school know-it-all and do-it-all giants who all base their business models and incentives on one parameter: volume. It forces consultants to become sales people and generalists. And their agenda will always be to make a small assignment big and a big assignment bigger.

Newground is based on what clients want and we deliver that from a platform that provides growth based on solid consulting ethics. We are an alliance of consulting companies in which we all offer teams of experts focused on specific client needs. Each company operates and goes to market independently and has its own corporate culture. But we share two key assets: client relationships and some common beliefs we all see as a foundation for building great consulting companies.

Brand story

We are an alliance of independent niche consultancy experts with individual perspectives and offers, united by a shared belief in a new way of management consulting.

We are obsessed by creating value for our clients. This is our main focus, and we are radically simplifying everything that gets in the way of achieving this goal.

What sets us apart from the crowd is our people-first approach: We always put people over processes and structures, which allows us to continuously adapt to our clients needs.

Our consultants and clients work together as an intelligent collective, which empowers us to build trust, exceed performances and deliver the highest value.

Part of Newground Alliance:


Johan Wieslander

Norrmalmstorg 14
111 46 Stockholm

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